Reading Analysis 2nd Chart & Box


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This set allows the child to analyse more complex sentence structures.
It is made up of the following:
• The Second Reading Analysis chart on a wooden board measuring 43.5cm x 43.5 cm
• A wooden box with lid measuring 17cm x 17cm
• The box contains the following pieces all made out of wood to match the chart:
o 1 red 5cm circle
o 1 black 4cm circle
o 1 black 3cm circle
o 1 black 2.5cm circle
o 9 orange 2.5cm circles
o 3 black and 9 orange 11cm arrows, blank on one side and with the following wording on the other:
 who is that …? what is that …?
 whom? what?
 to whom? to what? for whom? for what?
 whence?
 where?
 why?
 what for?
 how?
 when?
 by whom? by what?
 by means of whom? by means of what?
 with whom? with what?

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